Wanting to write a food blog guest post?

We’re open to guest contributors for recipes, kitchen hacks, cooking tips and more! 

I launched Meal Prepify in September of 2019 because I wanted to help people learn how to save time, save money, and eat healthier. 

Meal prepping has helped me save hundreds of $ a month on food, gain muscle, lose fat, and it saves me hours every single week. 

Our mission here at Meal Prepify is to help people meal prep today, save time tomorrow, and eat healthy for life. 


We accomplish our mission by teaching people how to meal prep, creating lists of meal prep recipes, and reviewing kitchen appliances to help people find the best tools for their kitchen. 


Over the last year we’ve reached hundreds of thousands of readers and our reach is growing every month. We’ve built our domain authority to 32 (Moz) and we’re getting more than 35,000 visitors every month from Google. 


Submitting guest posts to other sites was instrumental to growing my own site. If you’re looking for the chance to write a food blog guest post or a guest post for cooking, we’d love for you to share your knowledge and experience with our audience! 


Writing a recipe guest post for our site is a great way to expand your own blog’s audience and grow your site’s authority!


Guidelines if you want to submit a guest post

We have a separate document that outlines our guest post guidelines if you end up getting approved to write a guest post.  

Here’s what we’re looking for at a high level: 

Relevant | We write about food, meal prepping, cooking tips, and ways to save money on food. Your food blog guest post should be relevant to our site.

Original content | Your post must be unique content! We don’t want low quality, spun content, that is the same as everything else out there. We run all guest posts through a filter to test for duplicate and plagiarized content. 

In-Depth | Aim for 1500-2000 words in length with plenty of sub-headers, bullet points, and numbered lists (i.e. make it super-easy to read). 

SEO Friendly | We want every guest post to have the potential to get traffic long-term. We’ll work hard to make sure that the post does well in google and sends you referral traffic. In return, we ask that you work hard to write a post that strategically targets a keyword.  

How to Submit a guest post to our food blog

If you’re ready to submit your food blog guest post then email me at Rich@mealprepify.com

I’m a one man shop running this site and a couple of others. The last thing I want is to spend 8 emails going back and forth figuring out how you can become a contributor to our food sites. 

Here are the steps to follow that will give you the best chance of getting accepted:

1. Email me with “guest post (IRTG)” in the subject line. IRTG stands for “I read the guidelines”. If you don’t include that, I won’t even read the email. 

2. In the email, include five topics that you think would be a good fit for my site. If you are open to ideas, say so. 

3. I’ll approve one of the topics and send you a GoogleDoc with guidelines for formatting, length, outbound links, and how to send me the completed guest post.

By submitting your food blog guest post to Meal Prepify you acknowledge that we reserve the right to edit the content as necessary while honoring your effort in writing the post and ensuring that you receive the benefits of guest posting.

Special note to the Linkbuilders and SEO specialists

Look, I get the game that you’re in.

You recently signed up a new client who is paying you to build links and grow their domain authority. They want results fast and you’re trying to make it happen. You’ve got a budget for buying links, but you’d prefer to get them for free through link inserts and guest posts. 

Heck, you probably found this page by searching in google for something like: 

  • Food blog guest posts
  • Recipe guest posts
  • Food “submit a guest post”
  • “Write for us” cooking
  • Keto guest posts
  • “Become a contributor” food

I respect the hustle and the game you’re in. 

I typed out that list right there so that this post would rank and we’d have the chance to connect. 

I don’t sell links, but I am looking for food blog guests posts and food blog contributors 😉

I’m willing to collaborate with you and your clients if it’s mutually beneficial. I have a few sites in the niche. If this is you, hit me up at Rich@mealprepify.com and shoot me straight what you want to do.